“...Alzheimer’s destroys the mind – and in the process, annihilates the very self.”

- Jeffrey Kluger 


2015 Silver ADDY Award


Alzeheimer's disease unravels a person’s life until there is nothing left but the shell of who they once were.




We are focused in on a detailed amount of texture; we then begin to slowly pan backwards. The camera reveals more of the embroidery and we can see the medical illustration of the brain as well. The embroidery within the mind starts to unravel before us. It is being torn and tugged out of place, the thread is breaking leaving it even more defeated. At the end we are left with a static frame of the brain completely destroyed and exhausted. 


The background image is a vintage medical illustration of a brain. There will be embroidered veins running through the brain. We will have detailed close up shots of the embroidery thread while it is together as well as when it is being torn apart. The music will be just a piano playing notes to emphasize the different shots in the piece, like the establishing shot of the detail to the breaking and unthreading dramatic scenes. It will end its final notes on the final static image leaving silence for several seconds at the end. 

All hand embroidered