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Barrett- Brown Estate Trust & Assets

Ricky L. Brown, Jr. is the owner and founder of Barrett-Brown Estate Trust & Assets.

"I named the company Barrett-Brown because it's who I am. It's who my family is and they are the ones who motivate me."

- Ricky L. Brown, Jr.

Ricky got involved in the asset recovery business after going through the difficult recovery process with his own family. His mother's paternal great-great-aunt was listed on a government database. She survived her spouse and the union bore no children nor adopted. Her parents and siblings were deceased. Whom would the rightful heir to her abandoned estate be? Her nieces and nephews, born of her deceased brothers & sisters. The recovery process was long, difficult, and unnecessary. When dealing with the holding government entity, many things must be verified and submitted for documentation before funds can be paid out. Millions of individuals have surplus funds being held by the government. The problem is, millions of individuals have also been misinformed about surplus funds and are clueless about the recovery process! He understands this, now his team aims to get assets back in the hands of their owners as quickly and seamlessly as possible.








Placing Assets Back In The Hands Of Their Owners 


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Excess Proceeds and State Funds