About us

Who We Are?

Barrett-Brown Estate Trust & Assets is an asset recovery group located in the piney woods of east Texas. Our purpose is to Discover vacant/abandoned property owners in Texas and Connect with them, to not only inform them about their possible interest in one or more property currently held by the state and or local government agencies but also to offer our assistance in the Recovery process, making it seamless and time-efficient for the claimant, by claiming the property before the redemption period ends. 

To remain in compliance with Texas laws, Barrett-Brown Estate Trust & Assets has partnered with the best of the best Private Investigators and Lawyers in our H.Q.'s micropolitan area. See ' Who are our Private Investigators ' and ' Who are our lawyers' below for more information on our partners.


Barrett-Brown Estate Trust & Assets also offers an affiliate program for like-minded individuals who share the same vision as us, connecting rightful heirs/beneficiaries/owners to property that has been deemed vacant or abandoned by the state and or local governments. For more information on our affiliate program email affiliates@barrett-brown.com




Who are our Private Investigators?

Barrett-Brown Estate Trust & Assets has interviewed several Texas Licensed Private Investigators in the Texas area.



Who are our lawyers?

Barrett-Brown Estate Trust & Assets works with several lawyers in the East Texas area. ​

Meet Our Team:

  • Executive / Senior Brokers


Our CEO, Ricky L. Brown, Jr., Executive Broker of Surplus Funds.

  • Affiliate/ Junior Brokers

  1. Alissa Gaston, Affiliate

  2. Alexius Freeman, Affiliate

  3. Kadaysia Holder, Affiliate

  4. Gerald Turner, Affiliate

Meet Our Third Party Partners:

  1. Brian West, Private Investigator​

  2. Jeffery L. Coe, Attorney at Law​​