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We offer many services here at Barrett-Brown, specializing in FREE state asset recovery services. There are over $8 Billion in state funds in the United States collectively just waiting to be recovered! The problem is the many reported property owners have no idea that they are entitled to these funds. An even bigger problem in Texas, depending on the property type, is that the reported property owners may only have a 2 year redemption period to claim the funds. 

Barrett-Brown has created a solution to these problems for Texans, Asset Recovery! For more information on our Asset Recovery service, email



  • Are you a property owner (or know someone) who is at default on your mortgage payment or delinquent on your property taxes and is AT RISKf of being foreclosed?                        Let's discuss your options.                               Contact us today for a Free Consultation!



  • If you've lost your biggest asset (your home/property) to the county or lender, you may be entitled to a financial refund!

We understand foreclosure can be difficult & overall life-changing! A refund won't turn back the hand of time, but it can definitely benefit you in piecing your life back together and preserving a future for generations to come.

Just like State Funds, there are $Billions of excess dollars just waiting to be claimed by people like you every day!!!

Barrett-Brown Estate Trust & Assets CEO, Ricky L. Brown, Jr. is very passionate about State Asset Recovery. Many people in the United States believe it to be a scam when contacted by companies like ours. That is due to the lack of education when it comes to estates, trusts, and assets and what happens to those assets when a loved one passes away and property is left undistributed ultimately being foreclosed on. The leftover assets and property that loved ones intend for heirs/beneficiaries to inherit can sometimes be forgotten and not kept up by family members or not properly distributed upon death.


After so long of being abandoned entities turn over these assets to state agencies for safe holding, until a rightful heir or beneficiary is identified and able to be contacted.

Depending on the property type and how long the property has been abandoned, the safe holding agency may have the right to auction off or claim your assets themselves! Don't let the state STEAL your inheritance, Don't be a victim to the Government! Contact us now to recover your inheritance and personal assets!

For these reasons, Ricky L. Brown, Jr. has decided to found the 'Georgia B. High Unclaimed Funds Advocacy' a non-profit organization that focuses on the spreading of awareness and education on unclaimed State and local Excess Funds to the general public. COMING SOON!



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